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We're All Hooked On Something

Whether you are the befuddled, the obsessive technician
or part of fly fishing gliterati, we are all in the same game.
Mesmerized by the same thing, the pull.


On the Fly

  • be·fud·dle [bih-fuhd-l]

    tr.v. be·fud·dled, be·fud·dling, be·fud·dles
    1. To confuse; perplex. See Synonyms at confuse.
    2. To stupefy with or as if with alcoholic drink.

    The befuddled awoke before dawn, they put their boots on… the wrong feet and launched their site into the water.

On the Fly

On the Fly

  • Two Days of Pay for Play

    This land was saved from you and me

    Are Pay-for-Play fishing clubs the way to conservation or just a way to get a good rod fee? An invited guest’s observations at “The Club.”

On the Fly

  • TU Releases Short Film on Front Range Water Diversions

    Trout Unlimited Press Room

    Taking out the cornerstone of the food chain by destroying the water it lives in, will pretty much kill the river web around it. Water demand and diversion is drying up two important ecosystems, meanwhile from Greely to Denver the grass is greener on the other side of the mountain. That is the thrust of a new short film from Trout Unlimited - Upper Colorado: A River on the Brink.

On the Fly

  • RiverWebs - A True Story About Life, Death, Science, and Streams

    RiverWebs_Freshwaters Illustrated

    Riverwebs is a beautiful film of about following your passion to discovery and amazing knowledge of the intricate world that surrounds that passion. It confirms the innate knowledge of the environmental web we all live in by telling the story of Dr. Shigeru Nakano.

Opinions Vary

  • Us and Them

    From the “Words To Live By” and “Lest We Forget” departments regarding divisions in perspective, wise words from a damn solid treatise on life.

Short Strike

Short Strike

  • The View From a Panga

    pan·ga/ˈpäNGgə/ - Noun. machete: a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation. See also: The Spanish word for a small open boat or skiff or “You Don’t Really Need a Maverick”


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