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be·fud·dle [bih-fuhd-l]

by The Befuddled Anglers | Updated: 07.26.2011 |


tr.v. be·fud·dled, be·fud·dling, be·fud·dles
1. To confuse; perplex. See Synonyms at confuse.
2. To stupefy with or as if with alcoholic drink.

The befuddled awoke before dawn, they put their boots on… the wrong feet and launched their site into the water.

Ouch! there is a hook in my finger!

Let’s clear the air right now—We know less about fly fishing, photos, fiction writing, and human impact, than you can learn from bumper stickers.

What is this place?

Well it’s not a whole lot of anything right now but we hope to make it into a whole pile of something, real soon. We are going to turn this tree into a rough, unvarnished bench, that leaves you with an ass full of splinters.

When Matt and I starting talking about creating "yet another !@#$% fly fishing web site" there were a lot less of them. (We have been "talking" for some time now.) Being “a couple of ignorant fishers trying to be fly fishers” seemed original. But over the last few years, as so many other sites have come online, we’ve seen we are not alone in our ignorance. So  with our business model proven, we jump into the fray and bring our brand of perspective on eclectic, epicurean interests, to your front door.


Don't Listen To Us
Rest assured we will not steer you wrong, as far as we know. But looking for fishing advice from the befuddled is a lot like getting your investment tips from a graphic designer. Don't recommend that either. We are going to attempt to capture from the qualified, the things you may want to know or aspire to, and you get to learn as we get schooled. It’s an almanac folks, it will bear generally wise, but sometimes useless information that may entertain you or help you catch a fish but after that we take no responsibility for the yarns spun, the experiments rendered, the hooks through your fingers. With that said, “smash yer barbs, dude.”

While we would love to think you all out there in inter-tube land would want to read about our titilating day to day thoughts, we are quite certain you do not. And we don't want a blog, we want the story about the sport and all it touches.


BAA is looking for contributors and would love to read and share your:
Prose, Blood Curdling Tales, Water Reports, Weather Reports, Witty, Editorial analysis, Excuses For Fishing, Stories of Irritating Young Fishermen, Stories of Smellier Old Fishermen, What’s in your box,  Curmudgeonism, Reflectionism, Rheumatism, Rejectionism, Fauvism, Beaverism, Pragmatism, Old Fashion Angryism, Re-creationism, your recipe for tonics, potions, salves and ointments and ole timey cures for what ails you or your stream.

Just send’em, we may send you something back for your trouble. (as soon as we have something to send back and hope it will be cash, and that right soon!)


Free Beer...
...information is what you will find in our NC Fishing for Beer Tour, started in July. We will be featuring a comprehensive section on NC Craft Brewing, visting each brewery, one by one if it kills us. Coming up in September we will announce our Writers Competition for professional journalists, authors and amateur writers. (2011).

And one last thing, please don’t mind the occasional banner popping up, they are paying the bills here. Yes, we hear your adblock turning on… don't do it! Thanks for your time.


Sincerely, hoping you don't hand us our hats,


Matthew “Befuddled” Poore
Mad scientist and arboreal creature

Electric Bill Pridgen
Grumpy Old Dude