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The View From a Panga

by Miguel Pobré | Updated: 08.17.2011 |


pan·ga/ˈpäNGgə/ - Noun. machete: a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation. See also: The Spanish word for a small open boat or skiff or “You Don’t Really Need a Maverick”

Clouds Clouds Go Away Today!

I admit to liking country music. That knowledge is how I know there is a song titled “That’s Why God Made Mexico”. The song makes reference to senoritas, laying low, Cuervo, warm winds, and escape. It’s hard to argue with the logic, but I just have to feel that the song only got it half right. Notwithstanding the fact Cuervo does NOT count as a tequila that goes down nice and smooth (especially in Mejico when you have the best selection you are ever to going to), there is something definitely missing.


                  Mexico has tarpon...year round. Granted it’s the little guys who are the constant residents, but little and tarpon combine to form a kind of misnomer. A “little” tarpon jumps eight feet in the air, multiple times, and makes runs that will bloody your knuckles if you’re not careful. If you want to experience Mexico in a way that shows all her glories, then get out of Cancun, skip Playa, and come straight down to Campeche. I blew up a rental car just to get there, but that’s for another story. Below are the important parts.


Definition of Panga: “You Don’t Really Need a Maverick”

Little Tarpon - Because sometimes it’s those skinny girls that just, ohhhh.




Octopussy in the net.

I don’t remember why this girl made it into the camera. But since we’ve got her, and we’re in that Mexico vibe, we’ll let her have her cameo.

Little Tarpon - Because sometimes it’s those skinny girls that just, ohhhh.

Behind this outdoor marine carpet are two white, plastic chairs with the legs cut short so you don’t spill over the side. And this is one of the most badass boats in which you will sit.


Even the flies are sexier in a panga.


Tarpon on the line


Lil' tarpon jump.

Yes, at this moment you really do bow to the tarpon. You might not realize it, but you’ll do it too.


Proof that the adrenaline of the catch will shit can any photographic skills you may have had.


Tarpons shat on me.

Tarpon excrement - the sweet smell of success.


The reward of tarpon shit

Worth getting shit on.


Sunset at Campeche

You know what this says? It says you've just had one hell of a good day and it is beer-thirty.


Beer Thirty in Mexico

The view is nice… And THAT’S why God made Mexico  to be looked at from the deck of a panga.