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Help us, Help Your Water and Air

by BAA Staff | Updated: 07.12.2011 |


BAA believes. We believe there are more people out there that want a clean environment than don't. But it does not take but a few folks or companies to sully the waters when it comes to conservation, restoration and preservation of the outdoors. We believe without clean air and water we will lose everything that is precious to us, life.


We believe you can't beat logic and reason, but you can beat stupid and irresponsible, with a big stick.


We want to know what's up with the water you fish. We want to hear from you what your community is doing to restore or protect habitat. We want to hear about who might be threatening your waters. If you think you have a need to call attention to an issue or want to share the positive outcome of a environmental story that went well - contact us.


It's the only environment we have and we believe it needs some vigilance and attention.