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The Italian Job - Fly Fishing the Dolomites, Belluno, Italy

by James “Wingnut” Redden | Updated: 08.14.2011 |


Our befuddled correspondent in Europe is giving us reports of his exploits as he gets the opportunity to fish the continent from his home base in Germany.

Dolomites, Belluno, Italy  July 2011 - Well after a long 4 hours of driving around and trying to have conversations that went almost no where I have my permits and my destination. I am heading out in the magic hours at the end of today. My, hotel connection sucks.

Here is how the adventure played out.

The Drive In
We made great time through Germany and Austria, then we hit Italy and the tolls.


Traffic reports indicate that there are too many people in the world, it's that simple.
First site of the Dolomites

Our navi system took us through the Dolomite's switchback, puke-inducing back roads. The drive was very pretty but after an hour of sharp turns we were over the roads.



Life is good.
The view at lunch. Roads in the Dolomites can be quite challenging to the digestive system. Snad and a beer settle me right back down.

Stopped for a bite to eat and to find our equilibrium. We got a snad and had this for our view.


When we arrived, our hotel was even nicer.

It ain't the Motel 6.


We make it to our hotel, settle in for the rest of the day and ask about fishing permits for tomorrow. After some vaguely interested "conversations" we have a sniff of where to get started tomorrow. So we eat, again!









Sure there's fish to be had, but good company and good food truly make European fishing an epicurean experience the befuddled can truly appreciate.
Dinner at the hotel. Scallops


With any luck tomorrow I will be fishing.


Beer me.James “Wingnut” Redden lives in Germany and has a very patient wife that is indulging his passion to fish while they live abroad. We’ll get another report when he stops draining cans and goes fishing again! “Wingnut” is an excellent cook and in the future we may be lucky if he visits upon us his cooking knowledge in a recipe or two… if we are lucky.”

*Ruth Ann is Jame’s beloved truck that still resides here in the states while he is overseas.