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Ladies & Gentlemen - The Beetles

Tutorial and Photographs by Glista | Last Updated: 09.02.2011 |


They are in your garden destroying all that is good that you have grown, waiting to be ett by a big fat browny.

Japanese Beetles

Hook: Size 12 standard dry fly.
Thread: Black or olive.
Shell: Copper Swiss straw and 2mm black foam.
Under body: Peacock herl
Wings: Kreinik 1/8 inch Metallic flat braid – Mallard.
Note: The Kreinik flat braid is available at most craft stores.

As usual, I went out this past weekend for the trico hatch. As luck would have it, the water was lower than usual, the temperature was higher than usual, the creek was weedier than usual and the fish were spookier than usual. All this came together to make one crappie morning of trico fishing. As I was walking back to the car I happened to notice these little bastards clinging to just about every plant I could see.

I took a look in my box and could only find black foam beetles. I managed a few spookie fish and decided to cut my losses, head home and get ready for another day. Below is the version of the Japanese beetle I tied up. Not my pattern but they do work well.


Glista is a true craftsman. His fly box will make you cry, throw away your vice and give up altogether. He has generously donated his patterns for the betterment of your skills and fishing. You can see more of Glista’s patterns under Charlies Fly Patterns at Oak Orchard Flies. Glista you are a scholar and a gentleman. Hazaaa! PS - Oak Orchard is a favorite fly shop of ours and their staff have it dialed in for the Buffalo area fishing opportunities.