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We Can't Teach You Anything, But Our Friends Can

I get up and look at my vice everyday
and say to myself, your killing me.
Then I sit down at my vise and repeat.

Fly Tying

  • Tube Flies

    Tube Fly by Glista

    Tutorial and Photographs by Glista

    Tube Flies are an exciting twist on streamer patterns. Keep in mind I tie them mainly for steelhead and Atlantic salmon, but some of them should work well for trout.

Fly Tying

  • Ladies & Gentlemen - The Beetles

    Japanese Beetle Fly Pattern

    Tutorial and Photographs by Glista

    They are in your garden destroying all that is good that you have grown, waiting to be ett by a big fat browny.

Fly Tying

  • Purple Heron

    Syd Glasso's Purple Heron Fly by Glista

    Tutorial and Photographs by Glista

    I’ve always been a fan of the spey flies of the late Syd Glasso. This particular one is a variation of his Orange Heron.  -Glista


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